Secrets at Hopscotch

Selected as one of 13 global artists to create an immersive art installation for Hopscotch San Antonio, Texas, we proudly represented our hometown as one of four local artist contributors. Our room ‘Secrets’ was inspired by a Grant H. Brenner article titled The Damaging Psychological Effects of Keeping Secrets.


We created a space that boasted a clean footprint and a design that balanced dark textures with a twist on vintage inspired technology - A floor to ceiling black space with two private phone booths for guests to record secrets, 6 pay phones for visitors to listen to previously recorded secrets and a large neon sign that reads, “Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets,” showcased upon entry.  

The Experience 

Guests are encouraged to pick up one of the six pay phones and listen to previously recorded secrets or leave a secret in one of our sound proof privacy booths. 

Secrets Welcome Blurb

"Holding a secret can feel like holding your breath under water. It’s not until we exhale and let go that we realize the weight of what we’ve been carrying. Research has linked secrecy to increased anxiety, depression, symptoms of poor health, and even the more rapid progression of disease. The simple, yet powerful act of sharing a secret can relieve the feelings of isolation that keeping a secret creates. The beautiful thing? It then returns a strong emotional catharsis (relief.)


We invite you into this safe space to anonymously contribute a secret to our community of sharing. Your secret can be a regret, humiliation, violation of trust, betrayal, confession, fear, or anything else that weighs you down, as long as it is true. You may need to whisper or boldly state it, but we will listen with open hearts and minds as a community of confidants.”