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About the project

The Story Lounge,  presented at Planned Parenthood's National Conference, help breathed  life into the powerful narratives that have shaped reproductive rights throughout history. Anchored by a meticulously decorated wall adorned with handwritten stories, this immersive installation pays homage to the pivotal year of 1973 when Roe v Wade paved the way for women's reproductive freedom.

Guests were invited to share their own stories and listen to the diverse voices that resonate within the space.

Embracing the allure of nostalgia, five vintage-style phones serve as conduits to a bygone era,

transporting visitors to a time when the struggle for reproductive rights was at its peak.

This multidimensional project serves as both an homage to the past and a call to action for the present. By fostering an environment that encourages empathy, connection, and understanding,


The Story Lounge created a platform for individuals to reflect on the significance of reproductive rights in their own lives, fostering meaningful conversations and driving social change.

Client: Planned Parenthood

Year: 2022

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